About Us

Escape USA is the first escape room to come to Douglasville, GA. We offer a fully immersive adventure for kids, adults, couples, families, friends, and co-workers in each of our three very diverse escape rooms. Our rooms encourage teams to work together to find clues, solve problems, and complete puzzles in order to finish the escape scenario in 60 minutes or less. The escapes we offer are great for school and youth groups as they demonstrate and promote the value of teamwork and focus. We also welcome companies for team building events as all of our escapes are ideal for improving team spirit in addition to communication, time management, and problem solving skills. We look forward to partnering with local charities to host your fundraising events and support your cause.

To book a school group or to schedule a company team building event outside of our normal business hours please call 770 693 5766

Non-profits wishing to partner with us for a fundraising event please contact: web-admin@escapeusallc.com

We are also offering sessions twice a month for registered non-profit groups to bring up to 30 kids/teens in to try an escape room at no charge.  If you work with a non-profit youth organization and would like more information call us at 770 693 5766 or email web-admin@escapeusallc.com

A Family Company

In an effort to give back to the community, Escape USA was born in Douglasville, Ga.  Prior to Escape USA, our family had to travel 2 hours to an escape room and then wait 1 hour for the game. We realized there was a lack of entertainment in West Georgia and wanted to bring this new concept to the community.

                                                                 Candy Yu              Dante Guillermo


Candy is founder and president of Avolon Accounting and Charter CFO Services. Voted as one of the Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Top Young Professionals, Candy is committed to enriching our community with her knowledge and experience. Her desire to educate others is one of the reasons for her belief in the new project, Escape USA LLC.

Dante has been working in Corporate IT for over 14 years. He has provided IT support to over 6000 users throughout 10 different locations both national and global. His passion for technology and innovation has been the inspiration for the concept of Escape USA LLC.