Team Building

Looking for a unique and exciting team building event for your company? Our escape rooms are a perfect activity for promoting team work and collaboration, enhancing communication and problem solving skills, and improving time management proficiency.

Companies worldwide are turning to escape rooms to build upon a team culture with their employees. Here at Escape USA, we have three escape rooms with diverse scenarios that require your group to recognize every individual’s potential and strengths and put everyone’s talents together to create the ultimate winning team. The team must then find all the hidden clues, work together to solve puzzles and decipher codes, and unlock items and doors in order to escape.

Our 1920’s Speakeasy and Quest for the Throne rooms can accommodate ten to fifteen people, while our Banishing room accommodates up to six people.

You can separate your group into three teams and we can run all three rooms at once accommodating up to thirty six people.

Not only will your team benefit personally and professionally from the experience, you will also have a lot of fun in the process!

We can host your team building event on any day of the week except for holidays, just call us to book at 770 693 5766  or contact us here for more information.